Hi, I'm Ashley. I used to write songs and now I write poems and books. I read them a lot too. I like coffee, my boys, gloomy music,, anything with pumpkin in it, stuff hued in Tiffany blue, scarves, and walks. I don't like olives or soggy asparagus or humidity and have not a lick of visual artistic talent. 

I live in the best city in the world, also known as Nashville, TN, with my witty husband and two boisterous little boys. Previous jobs include songwriter and performer (though I made about enough money to cover the gas to the gigs), substitute teacher, barista, ABA therapist, special education teacher in a private school for kids with autism, and the hardest job in the world, mommyhood. That last one is still happening, along with lots of word making.  

Suffer Love is my first novel (okay, I wrote three before this one, but those were just life lessons) and I'm represented in all things literary and worthy of attention by the amazing Rebecca Podos of the Rees Agency.