10 Alternative Titles to SUFFER LOVE

There's a fun blog/Twitter swap in which we select 10 random phrases from our manuscript by scrolling through blindly and letting the cursor do its magic. I've done one of these with 8 titles, so I've added 2 more. I love this game. Cracks. Me. Up. I've been tagged by my pal K. E. Ormsbee, who is kind and witty and a wiz with the words. Her middle grade debut, THE WATER AND THE WILD drops from Chronicle Books in April of 2015 AND she's got a YA, THE LUCKY FEW coming in 2016. She is my favorite redhead I've never met IRL. Here are the results of that randomness, from Suffer Love.

1. Blood Roaring Through My Ears

2. When I Get Them Clean Enough

3. I'm Pretty Damn Desperate

4. Hold On and Run Like Hell

5. Jesus Christ Smoking Weed on His Neck.

6. Consider Yourself a Walking Catalytic Event

7. Softly, and Just Once

8. I Point to the Vacuum

9. The Toes Are Ragged

10. Everyone is Beautiful and Dazzling and Glittery


Well now. 

I don't know who I'm tagging. TBA.