777 Challenge

To kick-off my blog, I've been tagged in the 777 Challenge! Basically this means you get to see a random blurb or my current WIP, which may or may not suck in its current state. You get to read the first full 7 lines on the 7th page, starting 7 lines down. Lucky you! Er...

The tentative title of this little darling is Sky Blue Sky. An artist and severe introvert, 16 year old Annabel panics after finding out her long-estranged mother has been trying to reach her for over twelve years. One huge bad decision later, Annabel has a secret that only the misunderstood and lonely Mateo knows. Meanwhile, her best friends are drifting further and further away from her, and Annabel begins to believe only her mysterious mother can help her.

So that's the gist. A very rough gist. And without further ado, here is the 777.


I laid there for another hour, my breath shallow and quick, wondering what my name was supposed to be. Wondering why the idea of it made her so happy. Wondering if Dad would answer if I asked him on one of the other 364 days out of the year when he’s stone-cold sober and freshly pressed into his crisp suit and tie.

Dad’s usually an impenetrable tower when it comes to Libby McKee. He never talks about her and never lets me or anyone else in town ask about her. The questions about Mom faded out just a few months after she left...


Intrigued? God, I hope so. Write on!

Here are the 7 writers I've tagged to carry on, fellow/future Sweet Sixteeners and a couple Fifteeners because I like them a lot.

K.E. Ormsbee

Mackenzie Lee

Emily Martin

Jen Maschari

Melanie Conklin

Samantha Mabrie

Ellen Goodlett

Write on!