Forever and Ever Amen

Your angels sing of beauty

after death

and I must say that I agree.

Your last kiss—

dry and full of years,

of words and songs and rules and tears,

full of nothing—

was a relief.


Forever and ever amen.


A slow death long coming,

a struggle for air underground.

I breathed in the dirt, the pure glow

of the unbelieving.

Nothing can replace you

and I suppose nothing should.

You were not real, you were not true,

and I was unreal inside you.


This is the word of the lord.


Your ghost stains the skies,

the earth, the skin.

It swells inside the lies

I speak each week,

the smiles I smile while something dies.

Two lives, a pressure in my head,

and a bloody heart stained bloody red.


Thanks be to god.


And you hold the world

in your nonexistent grip.

I scattered my pearls

and they gleamed in the rain,

so beautiful under all that blurry gray.

I gave you my love for a handful of dust,

and when I shook you off,

all the glory, all the rust,

my tears had long-since cracked and dried.

I smiled.


Forever and ever amen.