The Random 11


1. I broke my left ring finger trying to squeeze excess water out of a pillow. It's true.

2. When I was a teenager, I was in charge of lifting the manual garage door at my friend's parent's house just enough that my girlfriends and I could roll out in the middle of the night to meet boys.

3. After college, I went on a road trip from Georgia to Colorado with 13 other girls, four SUVs, four walkie talkies, three guitars, and a whole lot of crazy. Once in CO, we camped in the worst blizzard they've had in a decade, faced tornados to the east, and SARS to the north. We headed south to Santa Fe.

4. I used to be a mildly neurotic hypochondriac. I've unclenched a little in the last few years, but I still won't touch you with a 50-foot pole if you've got a stomach bug.

5. Like Sam Bennett, I sucked my thumb until I was ten, laying on the floor with the coffee table blocking my mom's view. I also had a blankie. 

6. Be safe. Be smart. But dear god, live a little. That's what I'd tell my teenage self if I could travel back in time. That, and, Don't cry, the flat iron will be invented very, very soon.  

7. When I was younger, I wanted to be a singer for a Disney movie. I used to prance (yes, prance) around my living room belting Ariel and Belle's greatest hits.  

8. I'm fond of expletives. There I said it. I just am. 

9. I've never ridden a horse. In fact, I'm a little terrified of them. I mean, have you seen how huge and strong they are? And I'm expected to hop on the beast's back and say Giddyup? I think not. 

10. I once made eye contact with Nicole Kidman outside of Bongo Java in Nashville. She's pretty. 

11. When my husband drinks coffee, I experience homicidal thoughts. He's not doing anything wrong, but I'm pretty sure I have that weird condition where other people's mouth noises make me feel like I've got a bomb simmering in my gut. Sorry, honey.